Packaging and Sizes of Wall Coverings

Wallcovering comes in many different lengths and widths and, although usually priced by the yard or single roll, it is packaged either as double or triple roll bolts. Double and triple roll bolts provide more usable wallcovering than single rolls.

  • Commercial, or contract, wallcoverings, are manufactured specifically for commercial use and are 48 or 54 inches wide and are sold by the lineal yard. A lineal yard is any width by the length of 36 inches.

Although most designers and contractors use commercial (contract) wallcoverings, many designers are using residential product, especially in extended care and corporate environments. Below are some facts about residential wallpaper.

  • Residential wallcoverings vary in width from 20-1/2 to 28 inches and range from 13-1/2 to 16-1/2 feet in length, which yields a metric size single roll between 27 and 30 square feet. The primary reason is due to different equipment.
  • Metric, also called Euroroll, single rolls have between 27 ½ and 29 square feet. It is generally sold in double rolls.
  • Residential wallcoverings may be priced by the single roll, but are generally packaged in double or triple rolls. American single rolls, which are being phased out, are packaged with almost 25 percent more wallcovering than a metric roll. American single rolls, regardless of their lengths and widths, usually have about 36 square feet of surface.

Content Provided by the Wallcoverings Association (WA).