Insulation 4 - Blowing in the Cellulose Insulation 4 - Blowing in the Cellulose

Margin of Error: Fill the cavities completely. Plug holes exactly.

Blow cellulose into existing wall cavities between studs by cutting out a hole with a hole saw between each stud along the top outside wall. Blow in the cellulose until it begins to back up and out
of the hole. Return the plug cut out by the hole saw into the hole and spackle over it. If the house is more than five years old, fire blocking was probably installed between the studs. In this case, you will need to drill two holes between each stud - one above and one below the fire blocking. You can test this by drilling a hole at the top of the wall and inserting a stiff wire down into the hole to feel for any obstructions. Then drill below the obstruction as well.

For aluminum, plastic, steel, or any other similar outside surfaced homes that do not lend themselves to this method, blow the insulation in through holes in the interior wall surfaces. This will require a bit of patch and repair when it's done.

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