Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace Maintenance Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace Maintenance

A wall mounted electric fireplace is an excellent option for apartments or small houses. To keep your electric fireplace looking good and running properly, follow the simple tips below.

General Cleaning

If your fireplace front is glass, soak a cloth in dish-washing liquid to remove dust, streaks and fingerprints. Make sure not to wet the cloth too much and avoid heavy-duty cleaners and spray products as they could scratch or damage your wall mounted electric fireplace.

Electrical Plug and Chord

Inspect the plug and electrical chord regularly as it could singe. You don't want this part of your fireplace to become a fire hazard or for it to burn out leaving you with no fireplace. Have a replacement plug and chord waiting should you need them; these kits are available wherever wall mounted electric fireplaces are sold. Remember to switch off the fireplace before you make repairs.

Light bulbs

If part of the flame has gone dark, that means you need to change a light bulb. When you buy your fireplace make sure you are clear on the kind of bulbs it takes, where they are located and how to access them. It will help if you always have a few extra bulbs in your home so you have them when needed.

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