Wallpaper Designs: 5 Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

A woman hangs wallpaper.

It is very difficult to choose wallpaper designs for a bedroom and even more so for kids bedrooms. The mains reason for it being so difficult is that there is so much to choose that parents and children alike can be spoilt for choice. This can hinder a final decision. Try to narrow down to color or theme alongside some favorite children’s ideas.

1. Modern Contemporary (Ages 12 – 16)

This might seem unrealistic to some parents when they consider redecorating their child’s room. However, think about these possibilities because if your child is older and closer to their teenage years, you will want to design a room which will allow the space to grow with them. If the wallpaper is going to stay on the wall for a good number of years, it is worth considering a style which offers a more adult approach to a room design.

2. Themed Rooms (Ages 8 – 11)

There are hundreds of ideas for themed rooms available. Whether the child is a fan of football, science fiction or a TV show, there are wallpapers to suit every fad. Do keep in mind, however, that if the wallpaper you choose for your child’s room is going to be on the walls for many years, they may not still be into the things in the near future. Try to steer them in the direction of something more neutral that they can look at for at least two years because you are not going to want to decorate that often.

3. Very Young Children (Ages 4 – 8)

Kids love to scribble. They will even draw all over walls and furniture given half a chance. Buying vinyl-coated wallpaper that they can scribble on or color in is a great deterrent and will stop them scribbling over the rest of the house. You can hang a feature wall which has shapes, drawings and designs such as clocks that they can color in and draw all over. It is easily cleanable so that when they have colored as much as they can, you can simply wash it off and the children can start over. Only let children use water-washable pens on vinyl-coated wallpaper.

4. Feminine (Aged 5 – 10)

Pinks, yellows, pastel colors and animals can be an appealing, feminine design. Butterflies and kittens are also something that many will love having on their walls. You can still keep a contemporary style in your wallpaper design and still allow for the changing years when they begin to grow out of kiddy things and get more involved in more adult interests.

5. Masculine (Aged 5 – 10)

Science fiction and sports are loved by many. Themed rooms with fresco wallpapers depicting sci-fi backgrounds are extremely popular now and you can paper a whole wall with a scene incorporating the latest characters from current TV shows. Also, sporting themes are very popular choices too and fresco wallpapers come in various styles such as a football stadium or hockey rink.