Wallpaper Designs: 5 Ideas for Nurseries

It can often be difficult to decide on wallpaper designs for a bedroom and especially for a baby’s nursery. The difficulty often lies with the large number and and varieties of designs available in stores. This can hinder you from reaching an actual decision, so narrow your color or theme choices down to your favorite ideas and go with one that you can live with for a few years.

1. Contemporary Nursery

A contemporary nursery might seem unrealistic to some parents when considering redecorating their nursery. However, it is a style of wallpaper that can be very inspirational for your child for several years. Newborn babies and toddlers respond very positively to colors and shapes. Any style you choose can incorporate a wallpaper which offers mind enhancing options to help them learn and grow as youngsters.

2. Themed Nursery

There are hundreds of ideas for themed rooms. There are wallpapers available that cover oceanic themes, jungle, animals and other subjects which offer your young baby plenty of things to look at and learn from as he or she gets older. Babies love moving things, especially if they are brightly colored. Try hanging lots of moving objects and mobiles that add to the depth of the room.

3. Character Nursery

Timeless characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse are also a great way to add characters to your baby’s nursery. Buying a wallpaper and covering all four walls might be a little overkill, so perhaps use the wallpaper on just one or two walls to offer a feature and keep the other walls relatively neutral so that you can hang pictures or mobiles which will be easier seen. You will not want to overload your baby’s mind with too much visual stimulation.

4. Textured Nursery

Concentrating mainly on textures in a nursery is another good idea. Soft furnishings which can stimulate your baby’s mental growth are superb and you can design sections of the room so that your baby can play in these areas when they are awake but not see them when it’s time to sleep. Mental stimulation is of the utmost importance to assist in your baby’s development. However, when you want them to sleep, you need to be able to shut them away from anything that will prevent that. You can use soft sheer curtains as room separators to achieve this.

5. Calm Nursery

Keeping a neutral atmosphere that helps your baby sleep in comfort may be more on your agenda than mental stimulation. If you have other rooms in the house that have been dedicated to your baby or toddler's development or if they have a very small nursery room that you cannot utilize to any large degree, you may simply choose to opt for a calming neutral room where the wallpaper colors are light pastels or primary colors. You can then accessorize the nursery using slightly brighter colored toys and mobiles.