Wallpaper Designs: Four Ideas for Your Home

Living room with large windows, creamy couch, and wallpapered wall
  • 1-9 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-200

Wallpaper designs are a nice addition in any room to make it look more stylish and appealing.

They can create a very nice effect, especially if their color or pattern is chosen well and complements with the furniture and soft furnishings in the room.

1. Choose the Color

rolls of wallpaper

One of the primary decisions to make is to determine what color or range of colors you find most appealing. This will vary according to your tastes and likes.

If you are going to start decorating the particular room from scratch you have ample choice as you are free to choose whatever color you wish.

However, if you already have the furniture and soft furnishings in that room, and you are not going to change them, then you will have to match the wallpaper color to complement them.

If the particular room is not very sunny it is better to choose a lighter shade of wallpaper. Pastel colors are often greatly popular when it comes to wallpapers for most rooms.

The colors chosen will have a direct effect on the overall ambiance of the room.

So if you wish to have a calm, relaxed atmosphere you should choose pastel colors and light shades which do not feature largish patterns.

On the other hand if you would like to create a more considerable contrast you should opt for metallic colors, darker shades or very bright colors which can create an impact and provide energizing effects.

2. Decide On the Pattern

hallway with bench and wallpaper on the wall

Some wallpapers are plain and do not feature any patterns. However, there is a wide range available featuring several patterns and designs.

Floral designs are particularly popular in living rooms, sitting rooms and corridors in homes which feature a more classical style.

Wallpapers for kitchens often feature appealing designs including drawings of kitchen utensils, food, vegetables and fruit.

Wallpaper is also being used in bathrooms. The most common patterns printed on bathroom wallpaper include fish, shells, corals, starfish and drops.

Sometimes they also include flowers and leaves for those people who prefer to retain a more traditionalist theme.

Houses decorated in a more contemporary or modern style generally include wallpapers with abstract designs and large patterns.

The main rule to keep in mind when it comes to patterns is the bigger the room is the smaller the pattern selected should be, and vice versa.

3. Choose a More Unique Looking Wallpaper Textureroom with striking wallpaper

Wallpaper nowadays comes in a variety of textures including fabric wallpaper, patterned vinyl, plaster wallpaper, wood and log wallpaper, stone and brick textures, tile wallpaper and even foils and metallic textures.

Obviously, each and every one of these possibilities is adaptable according to the style of the room and the type of room.

But if you would like to give a considerable change and produce a striking atmosphere, such innovative wallpaper textures can be a great idea.

4. Design Your Own Wallpaper

floral wallpaper

You can even opt to get creative and create the design of the wallpaper yourself so as to make it more customizable.

There is the opportunity to design custom wallpapers online by including designs, paintings and even photos.

Make sure you dedicate some time and effort to think about the various possibilities and also try to visit several shops to get a better idea of the ranges of wallpaper available on the market.