Wallpaper Remover: 5 Cheap and Easy Methods Wallpaper Remover: 5 Cheap and Easy Methods

Wallpaper is a great way to decorate bare walls, but wall paper can become a chore if it needs to be removed. Don’t be discouraged; there are several inexpensive wallpaper remover methods that are also easy.

Before starting the project be sure you have the appropriate materials for removal including a ladder, soft-sole shoes, spray bottles to fill water, putty or scraping knife, scoring tool, a light liquid fabric softener and/or hand steamer. Also, have on hand trash cans, work gloves, drop cloth and old clothing that will not get damaged.

Here are five cheap and easy methods for removing unsightly wallpaper from your walls.

1. Spray Bottle Method

Fill up a spray bottle with half mild detergent and warm water and shake the bottle vigorously. Then, spray the solution on the wallpaper and let it sit for a moment so it gets wet enough to peel slowly back with a putty knife. You can do this several times until the wallpaper loosens and can be completely removed. After all the wallpaper is removed, use a clean damp, cloth to remove any excess wallpaper glue that may be lingering. Chances are there are several layers of wallpaper from years gone by that also need removing. Follow the same steps until all layers are removed and then your new wallpaper can be installed.

2. Water and Fabric Softener

Another quick and inexpensive method to removing old wallpaper is to use liquid fabric softener and water mixed together. Simply mix the two ingredients into a spray bottle and spray the wallpaper down. Again, using a putty knife after the old paper is wet and mushy; begin peeling back the wallpaper with the putty knife slowly. The same method can be applied by using a cloth instead of the spray bottle; however, the spray method is much less messy. Be sure to remember to remove excess wallpaper glue from the wall after removal with a warm cloth, but do not rub hard.

3. Rent a Steamer

You can also rent a wallpaper steamer from your local hardware store or home improvement store for a small fee. The steamer is like an iron, but is specifically made for wallpaper removal. It quickly and efficiently melts off the old wall coverings. The steamer looks and works similar to a clothing iron in that you fill it with water, keep it poised a fair distance from the wall and then steam away. Call ahead to see if your store has a steamer to rent.

4. Scoring Tools

Also available at home improvement and hardware stores or craft shops is something called a scoring or perforating tool that is like a razor. It scores and shreds the paper quickly, so you can then follow up with wetting down the paper with a sponge or use the steamer to lift remaining paper. The tool is inexpensive and is easy to use at the same time, but be careful however with all sharp instruments.

5. Store Bought Removers

There are numerous wallpaper remover products available that make the process of removing wall coverings easy. These are liquids that can be applied with a simple damp sponge or a paint roller for easier spreading. Check with home improvement stores and ask which remover would be best for your specific type of wallpaper.


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