Wallpapering 9 - Working Around Obstacles Wallpapering 9 - Working Around Obstacles

Windows and Doors

Openings for windows and doors offer a challenge to the novice. Also, you may encounter fireplaces, bookshelves, cabinets, and so on. To do this properly, don't try to cut the paper first and then apply it. Cut it after it is in place. If you are having trouble with complex areas, just step back, think about it, and try your best approach.

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Simply hang your paper so that it is aligned with the adjacent piece and loosely press it against the window trim. Now cut away along the sides of the opening, but leave a 2" excess, which you will trim later. Use a sharp razor and cut a 45-degree slit at the corners, both top and bottom, to the outside edge of the molding, ending exactly at the molding's edge.

Now press the paper against the molding with the wallpaper brush and then use your broad knife and razor knife to cut away the excess. Leave a hairline gap between the molding and the paper.

You will need to make a series of small diagonal cuts around the sill area to fit all the little corners. Go slow and make small cuts to avoid over-cutting. Press the paper tightly against the molding and trim it where needed.

Finally, you will need to paper the area above and below the window with short strips. Be sure the vertical patterns below the window are aligned with those above and that the patterns match where they meet the paper hung to the sides of the windows. Be sure to wipe any excess glue off all the wood- work before it dries.

Light Switches and Outlets

After removing the plates from light switches and outlets and turning off the electricity simply cover over the holes as you hang the wallpaper. Then use your razor knife and make two diagonal cuts across the outlet or switch, about 3" long, to expose the switch or outlet. Cut away the excess. You can cover their plates by tucking the wallpaper into the wall and replacing the cover.

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