Wall-to-Wall Carpet Cost Estimation

Installing wall-to-wall carpet can provide you with a great floor for your home. Carpet provides a soft floor as well as durability. Before you decide to purchase carpet, you should know approximately how much it will cost. Here are a few tips on estimating wall-to-wall carpet for your home.

Measure the Rooms

First of all, you will want to get a general idea of how many square feet you need to cover. Take a tape measure and get the dimensions of each room that you want to cover. Multiply the two dimensions together and this will give you the square footage. Then you should add approximately 10% to allow for waste. This is not the most accurate way to estimate how much you need to order, but it will give you a good idea for estimation.

Get Pricing

Look in they phone book and start calling some of the local flooring stores in your area. Carpet will vary greatly in price depending on what you want to buy. Asking someone for a price on carpet is like asking how much a car costs; there are thousands of styles and options. However, you can ask them for a price range for the grade of carpet that you want. Then multiply the pricing per square foot to get an estimate.