Walnut Tree Growing Tips

A walnut tree can generally be grown from seed without too much trouble. In particular, the black walnut tree can grow to heights of around 80 feet if planted in favorable conditions.

Because walnuts secrete a chemical toxin called juglone, it is advisable to plant seeds at least 50 feet away from other sensitive plants. The black walnut tree thrives in moist areas with good irrigation and especially so on an uphill footing.

Walnut trees should be planted at least 60 feet apart to allow for maximum foliage spread although they can be placed around 30 feet from each other if you intend to grow them for their valuable wood. This will ensure that the trunks grow straight and long.

When planting your seeds, remove the husks of the fruit and place 5 to 6 nuts several inches apart in a clustered formation.

Place a square of hardware cloth over the planted area and pin down to protect from squirrels and common garden pests. Cover the cloth with a mulch of leaves and straw to protect from freezing and mark the spot for future reference.

After a spell of cold damp weather, the seeds will germinate during spring. Remove the mulch and cloth and separate the area to prevent damage.  After a few months, simply choose the best formed sapling from the cluster and dispose of the remainder.