Wane Wane

Whenever a carpenter is cutting up a log of wood, they have to be careful to avoid leaving wane in the wood. A board with wane has holes or bits missing from the edges from bark or knots. The carpenter will want to make sure that the boards are cut as widely as possible without leaving in wane.

• Step 1: Roll a log onto the saw mill and secure it in place.
• Step 2: Make a thin cut along the top to remove the bark from the top of the tree, remove this piece.
• Step 3: Continue cutting boards one at a time to whatever thickness you need.
• Step 4: Prop a board vertically on a saw mill, and lower the sawmill blade so that is will leave the most amount of wood but remove all of the wane. Flip the board over to do the same to the other side and repeat the process with the other boards.

Removing Wane on More Than one Board

To make the project go faster, you can remove the wane on more than one board at a time. Simply group all of the boards in the upright position and make a single pass that will remove all of the bark from all of the pieces, then you flip it over and do it again.

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