How To Remove or Disguise Mirrored Closet Sliding Doors

bedroom with black dresser and mirrored sliding closet doors
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 5-15
What You'll Need
What You'll Need

Many homeowners like the way mirrored sliding closet doors add dimension and space to a crowded room. There are those, however, who do not want the dated look and prefer to update closets with an open system or new sliding doors. If this describes you, then consider removing the mirrored closet sliding doors.

Removing the Mirrored Closet Doors

Removing the doors is not a difficult project but you should take some precautions. Working too fast or not paying attention can lead to breaking the mirrored glass. Make sure you have the correct safety equipment and that you have a clear work area.

Step 1 - Get the Area Ready

Before you lift out the doors, secure them to protect them from being damaged. First, put on your gloves in case of an accident. Next, take some masking tape and tape the surface of the mirror. This can be done by applying strips horizontally and vertically across the face of the mirror. In the event the mirror does break, the tape will keep the jagged pieces from falling out.

Step 2 - Take Doors Off

closet full of hanging clothes

Once you have the doors taped off, remove them from the tracks. Start with the outside door. Slide the door to the center of the track. Carefully lift the door up and slightly on an angle. This will free the bottom from the track. Angle towards you and then pull down with a little pressure. Keep a good grip on the door as it slides out of the top track. Once you have the outside door off, you can repeat this same process with the inside sliding door.

Most mirrored closet sliding doors can be taken off this way. If you have a different set-up, then carefully examine what you need to do or consult the instructions if you still have questions.

Step 3 - Remove the Tracks

Using your screwdriver, or drill if you have the room, remove the screws holding the upper and lower tracks in place. Set them aside for disposal or recycling.

Step 4 - Scrape Any Residue

Sometimes these doors are laid down with caulking to keep them from moving. If that is the case, use the scraper and remove any residue that remains. Caulking, paint, grime, and even glue could be stuck to the floor.

Step 5 - Cover Door with Picture Mats

If you do not want to remove the doors you can always cover them with pictures or mats.

Step 6 - Measure Door

tape measure

Measure the door to see how many different 8x10 mats you will need. Leave a few inches for fabric strips to act as borders.

Step 7 - Get Fabric Ready

Cut out the strips of fabric and glue to stiff cardboard backing.

Step 8 - Decorate

Once you have the fabric cut out and glued you can decorate it with buttons or other pieces of fabric.

Step 9 - Glue Pictures to Door

Apply some craft glue to the back of the pictures and position them directly on the mirror. Adjust for the strips and glue those on to act as a border. Continue applying pictures until you have covered the entire mirrored closet sliding door.