Warm Roof Insulation and Ventilation Explained

Snow on a roof.

The attic is usually considered a dead space due to the lack of a warm roof. The elements beat down without mercy, allowing moisture and cold to enter the space. The information below will explain the properties of insulation and how it keeps your roof warm.

Insulation Products

Spray foam insulation sticks to the wood and expands. It is also somewhat expensive and a professional is typically needed to install it. Batting, another form of insulation, is not as effective as spray foam, but will do the job.

Gable Fans

In the process of keeping the roof warm, insulation can also heat up the rest of the room. Attics are known to be stuffy, and they need a good ventilation system in order to push the hot air our without letting in any more. At the peak of the roof, inside the room, you can install a gable fan, which will push out the stale air and allow fresh air to circulate.

Ratings of Insulation

When purchasing insulation, you will notice all kinds of numbers on the packaging. The “R-value” tells you how good the insulation is. The higher the value, the higher the cost and the better the insulation. Your local area will have building codes that must be followed in regard to the minimum R-value for insulation. Make sure to check on this before you spend money you can’t get back.

Insulation Benefits

Saving money is one of the biggest reasons why it is important to have good insulation and to have it installed correctly. Without insulation to create a warm roof, the heat you generate from inside the home escapes through the attic. This also applies to air conditioners. These devices are forced to work harder, which means you are wasting money every time you run them.

Screwing a lightbulb into the ceiling.Here are some more simple energy saving ideas for your home.