Warning Signs of a Leaking Intake Manifold

intake manifold

Leaks in your auto's intake manifold can usually be identified easily by an auto mechanic who will be able to recognize certain warning signs. But if you have yet to experience your first leaking intake manifold and suspect you may be about to have your first experience, check out the following warning signs.

Visible Water or Steam

While your car engine is idling, look into your engine compartment for leaking radiator fluids or steam coming from the intake manifold.

Puddling Water

When your car has been parked for a few minutes, check beneath the engine for small puddles of coolant that have dripped there from leaks in the manifold.

Low Fluid in Radiator or Coolant Overflow Tank

Coolant that leaks from your intake manifold ordinarily will show up as lower levels of fluid in your radiator or coolant overflow tank. If you find these low levels, fill your tank or radiator, then check later to see if the level is low again.

Gasket Leaks

Leaks in your intake manifold may be due to a leaking gasket. If this happens, you'll likely experience rough or uneven engine idling or hear a sucking noise from the engine drawing air through the gasket leak.