Washer Outlet Box

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Before you put your new washer and dryer in your house you should install a washer outlet box if it’s not already there. Not only does it make the laundry room look nicer, it helps keep all of your hoses organized. The washer outlet box is very simple to install by following these instructions.

1. First off, you should decide what type of washer outlet box you would like. There are many out there but the basic ones are a square and you can decide what size to use.

2. Next you should measure the back of the box that will be going into the wall so you will know the proper size hole to cut.

3. After measuring the size use a level on the wall, or a ruler with the level on it, to try to make box as level as possible while making it straight.

4. Next you can use the ruler and a pencil to mark the dimensions on the wall so that your cut will be straight.

5. Finally, cut out the section of the wall and put the box in place and connect the hoses.

A Tip for Installing a New Washer Outlet Box

While installing the washer outlet box you should make it appear more straight than level. Not all homes are exactly level so you may have to eyeball it to be straight on the wall rather than rely on your level.