Washing Socks in the Washing Machine

An array of colorful socks hanging outside from a clothes line.

Most of us use washing machines to wash our socks; however, washing socks is not as simple as dumping them all in the machine and turning it on. To wash socks thoroughly, and keep them from being destroyed, there are a few things that you should know.

How to Properly Wash Socks

Toe socks.

When washing socks, you don't necessarily need to completely separate them from other types of clothing. However, you do need to separate different colors of socks. For instance, when watching white athletic socks, you should wash them with other whites such as underwear, white T-shirts, or other predominately white-colored clothing.

Wash them in warm or hot water and use a small amount of chlorine bleach to help get them thoroughly clean and also to kill bacteria and germs.

When washing colored socks such as nylon dress socks, you should avoid using regular bleach as this will discolor the socks. If you want to use bleach, try a color-safe bleach or use a detergent with a mild bleach already included.

Always avoid washing colored socks with white clothing as the colors may bleed onto the whites. Never wash your colored socks in hot water as this may result in shrinkage.

Use Nets

Socks near a fire.

Not only socks, but all small laundry items can be collected into nets and washed together. The nets can be bought or they can be made out of old pantyhose or loosely knitted garments. You can also use the net in the dryer.