Tips on Removing Wasps Tips on Removing Wasps

Before starting any outdoor paint job, check thoroughly for any wasp or yellow jacket nests. There's nothing more frightening than an angry insect horde attacking you while you're up a ladder trying to paint. Key places to check: At ground level, where the house meets surrounding soil and under the eaves. If you locate any nests, buy a wasp and hornet spray designed for such hives. Wait for nightfall-that's when the stingers check into the hive for the night-before you attack, but first prepare for battle by covering any exposed skin. Although you're likely to have the element of surprise and ambush them, it's wise to also have an escape plan in case a hive gets hostile. Follow the directions on the label when you spray the hive, then cap its entrance right away with dirt (if it's on the ground) or a rag. Check it in a week or so to make sure the hive is abandoned. If there's no activity in it you can toss it out or destroy it.

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