Water Based Paint

Water based paint is a paint that can be washed away and mixed with water. Other types of paint use oils that will not wash out in water. Water based paint can range from watercolors, which are hard and use water to release the dyes, and acrylics or tempera paint which are already in a thick liquid form. These types of paint are easy to use, and one of the best types of paint to start practicing with if you have never painted before.

• Step 1: Pick out the colors for your water based paint and prepare your brushes, paper, and water. Put your water in a cup or old glass jar.
• Step 2: Dip your brush in the water and then your paint.
• Step 3: Paint freely on your paper, making sure to apply more paint when needed.
• Step 4: Whenever you change colors, make sure you rinse out your paint brush completely.

Cleaning Up Water Based Paint

Water based paint is the easiest paint to clean up. Wash your brushes and table off in warm water; you may need to wash out your clothes as well. For large spills, pick up as much paint as you can with a napkin and rinse out the rest of the area with warm soapy water.