Water Closet

A water closet.

If you have a water closet that won’t stop running, you can fix it yourself with ease. Your water closet parts may look different than others you have seen before but don’t worry, they all work the same. Simply flush the water closet and watch the parts to see how they work then read this guide on how to fix the running water.


Every toilet works the same. When you push the handle a chain lifts the flapper that lets the water drain down. The flapper than falls which closes the opening back up.


Start by checking the flapper. If the toilet, or water closet, hasn’t stopped running then the flapper may be stuck open. If this is the case look around and see if the chain is catching on something or if the flapper isn’t fitting properly due to old age or being angled wrong.

Tank Full

Another scenario may be that the tanks are full and the flapper is closed but it hasn’t stopped running. In this case you will want to check the valve and floating device and see if it needs to be adjusted.

Tip for Fixing your Water Closet

If your water closet continues to run after checking these items, then inspect it to see if something broke. In some cases the components may break and cause the water to continue running.