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A pond is typically as good as its liner, because without the liner you would have no pond. There are really two basic styles of garden pond liners; preformed pond liners and flexible pond liners. It is important to choose the style that fits your needs and application.

Preformed pond liners are just that. They are a solid construction that comes in pre-built shapes. Essentially these preformed units are like bath tubs dug into the ground. Some of the more ridged preformed pond liners can also be used for semi raised ponds. These units are relatively easy to install, however it is important to level the unit and properly tap the back fill for a secure fit. A performed pond liner might crack or buckle if it is not a tight fit in the ground.
Flexible pond liners are the most popular garden pond liners. They come in sheets and need to be installed on top of a good underlay. Because it protects the liner from underneath it is important to use a good underlay and not cut corners by using old carpet or newspaper. PVC pond liners are very popular flexible liners and typically are a thickness of 15 mm to 32mm. The thicker the liner the less likely it will puncture. A better option is an EPDM pond liner or BUTYL pond liner. These flexible liners are more pliable (even in cold weather), are easier to mold without creating folds or creases and have a higher UV resistance.
Make sure that the liner you choose is appropriate for your application and is installed correctly. You will want to make sure your liner will not leak once the pond is operational, however if a liner does begin to leak it usually can be repaired, but it is a lot of work and a real hassle. Many pond liners will provide a guarantee of protection, however they must be installed correctly with care.

To choose the right liner for your project, look for the best combination of features for your project. Make sure you do a little comparison shopping between products and choose the best liner for your project.

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