Water Garden Pond Liner: Fix Common Problems

Water garden pond liners are great for quickly creating a beautiful pond. However, there are some basic problems that can develop:

Sagging Liners

Check around the perimeter of the pond regularly. A sagging liner can allow water to seep under the liner, create bubbles underneath the liner, and misdirect water flow from streams and waterfalls.

It is simple to fix this problem, although it takes time. Remove all rocks and dirt from the liner. Build up the soil underneath the leaking spot, and then replace the liner. Secure the edges with stones and pebbles.

Water Wicking
Water can wick its way out of a pond, create a marshy edge to the pond and cause the water level of the pond to constantly lower.

Generally the root of this problem, so to speak, is vegetation, soil or sand that covers the edge of the liner and touches the pond.

The solution is to remove all sand, soil and plants from the edges of the pond liner and to use rocks or pebbles instead. If you like the look of the plants, then be prepared for damp pool edges and constant pool refilling.

Liner Punctures
Liner punctures can be difficult to find. One method for finding the puncture is to let the water decline by itself, wait until the water stops declining, and then examine the rim of the water for the puncture. Theoretically, the water level should stop declining when it is even with the liner puncture.  However, this method may take weeks.

Fixing a puncture is simple when you find one. Use a puncture repair kit found at any pond supply store.