Water Hammer

If you hear strange banging sounds that sound like they are coming from your pipes it might be water hammer. Water hammer is common in any building where the water can dramatically change speed in the pipe. You can fix water hammer yourself with a few steps.

• Start by designing a flow system that will allow the water to flow at a maximum of 5 fps. The 5 fps flow rate requires larger piping.
• Look through the piping system for any undersized pipe. If you find some replace it with larger pipe. This may solve your problem.
• Next you can try to clear your air chambers. In some plumbing systems the air chambers will fill up with water. To fix this you need to shut off the main water supply and then open all of the faucets to let the water out. Then you should turn the main water back on.

Reasons for Correcting Water Hammer

Water hammer not only sounds bad when it occurs but it is a hazardous condition that can cause serious problems. If you can’t fix water hammer yourself you should have a professional plumber look at your water system.

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