Water Heater Installation Cost

The hot water heater installation cost is something that you must consider in its entirety in order to determine if you can afford it or not. Some people basically look at the cost of the hot water heater and do not see other costs when they make their purchase. Here is a short list of other costs that make up the entire hot water heater installation cost. 

Cost of Heater

At the top of the installation costs is the actual cost of the heater. A typical 40 to 50 gallon heater will be anywhere from $350 to $600. This depends on the heating method and insulative properties. 

Installation Supplies

When you install a new water heater you will need other supplies like water pipes, venting, and any work needed for building a stable platform for the heater. These costs can be another $20 to $400. 

Old Tank Disposal

If you want to have the installer remove the old tank then it will cost you in a removal and disposal fee. Depending on the size, and type of the hot water heater, this cost can be $50 to $100. 

Total Cost of Installation

When you add up everything, the total hot water heater installation cost is going to be around $1,100 on the high end. This is for a single family hot water heater and supplies, with the removal of the old heater.