Water Heater Jacket vs Water Heater Blanket

Insulating your home is important because it can help save a lot of energy, by insulating your water heater with a water heater jacket you can avoid spending so much money to heat the water inside. This will make the water stay hotter for much longer because the water heater is fully insulated.

There are two different methods which can be used to insulate the water heater, you can decide to either use a water heater blanket or a water heater jacket. There are a few subtle differences although both of these actually work pretty much the same. When deciding which one to use you will have to make some careful decision, you might not actually have an option depending on the make of your hot water heater.

Water Heater Blanket

A water heater blanket is the most common form of insulating the hot water heater tank, this is a great way of insulating the hot water tank and stopping any heat from escaping. You will normally use fiberglass to do this, fiberglass is a good insulator and not dangerous like asbestos.

A water heater blanket can be tailored to fit any size water heater tank because it is actually a flat blanket which can be wrapped around the tank. This can be repeated as many times as required to make a very warm layer to insulate your water heater.

When handling fiberglass it can irritate your skin which is why you must use gloves when handling the material. It's very easy to cut the fiberglass fabric and it's simply a matter of using scissors or a utility knife depending on your preferences.

Water Heater Jacket

A water heater jacket on the other hand is very similar however it is often designed to fit one water tank. These are often available for specific heaters. These look more professional and are already pre-cut to suit them. This means that it's simply a case of pulling the water heater jacket around the water heater rather than having to cut out any holes and fit it yourself.

Find out if there is a water heater jacket which is suitable for your hot water heater if there is then this will be the easiest way of insulating your heater safely and quickly. Your water heater manufacturer should be able to tell you whether or not you can buy a water heater jacket.

Insulating Pipes

As well as insulating the water heater itself you will need to concentrate on insulating the pipes. The pipes will carry hot water all around your home and if these aren't insulated then they will quite quickly lose heat. You must insulate the pipes so that the most amount of energy is kept in your home possible.

There's no point wasting money paying to heat water and then wasting the energy by letting it escape out of the pipes. The pipes can be insulated properly to avoid them from increasing your heating bill.