Water Heater Troubleshooting- Milky Water Water Heater Troubleshooting- Milky Water

What You'll Need
No special tools required

On occasions you may need to do some water heater troubleshooting if you discover milky water running out of your faucets. Fortunately the cause of this is nothing to really worry about. This phenomenon may occur in hot as well as cold water. It can occur in new as well as older water heaters.

Step 1 – The Causes

Milky looking water is a natural occurrence and is due to a variety of conditions. Faucets with aerators introduce added air into the water giving it a cloudy, milky look in a glass. City pumping stations may also introduce air at their pump stations in order to increase water pressure. In a privately owned well, air may be trapped due to artesian pressures. Switching from one source to another by the water utility company may force air into the system. Temperature changes underground in fall or spring expands the air in the water.

Step 2 – What to Do

Because the discoloration is caused by air and extra oxygen in the water, there is no cure for this. The water may not be pleasant to look at but the bubbles will clear in a short time. The air in the water is harmless and will not adversely affect your health.

Step 3 – Consult the Water Company

If the bubbles do not clear up quickly, consult with the water company.

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