Water Lilies: Care Guide Water Lilies: Care Guide

Caring for your water lilies is going to include monitoring the temperature of your water garden, potting your water lilies and dividing them. The specific steps that you need to take to care for your water lilies is going to depend on if you have tropical lilies or hardy water lilies. If you are up to these challenges then you can maintain a beautiful and healthy water lily pond.


Caring for Tropical Water Lilies

Tropical water lilies require extra care because they are temperature sensitive. This means that your first water lily pond care concern is going to be to keep the temperature of the water above 70 degrees. If you don’t live in a climate that is tropical, then you may need to add a pond heater to maintain this temperature margin.

In order to create a comfortable setting for your tropical water lilies you will need to plant them in a fabric flower pot that has a diameter of between ten and 14 inches. You will cover the tuber with loamy garden soil and then top this with gravel or sand. Then you will submerge the pot in about 12 inches of water.


Caring for Hardy Water Lilies

If you are creating a hardy water lily pond then you will want to plant your lily tubers or bulbs in 3 gallon containers for small lilies and 5 gallon containers if you are planting larger lilies. Position the bulb or tuber to the side of the pot as opposed to the center and cover the soil in gravel or sand to prevent the dirt from washing away. To keep your water lilies healthy you will want to add fertilizer tablets to your pond about once a month and also you will need to divide your water lily pots every other year.

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