Water Piping Water Piping

Installing water piping is not a fun job, but it has to be done. Before starting your process of installing water piping you should make sure that you turn off the water to the house at the water main. If this is not done it will cause a huge disaster that you will have to deal with later. Also before starting it’s a good idea to open up a few faucets to release the rest of the pressure that is already built up in the pipes.

Installing Water Piping

The following steps are set to make your water piping installation go very smooth.

  • Determine Where the Installation is – You may know the room you want to install them into, but you should also know where you are starting and ending if you’re replacing pipes that are already there.
  • Drilling the Studs – If you are doing an installation where there was no piping you want to drill holes in the studs of the wall.
  • Building the Pathway – The easiest way to build the pathway is to use straight water piping and elbows and then deal with the end pieces.
  • Connecting Pieces – Make sure that all of the pieces of the pipe are firmly connected and that they are sealed.

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