Water Reclaim Systems: Maintenance Basics Water Reclaim Systems: Maintenance Basics

Using a water reclaim system you can purify used water and thus you can re-use it again and again. This system helps you to save a lot of water and is definitely beneficial for the environment. In many places where the water once used is lost totally, like car washing, there is a huge amount of wastage of water. Using a water reclaim system you can purify this water and save it from getting wasted. Generally water reclaim systems incorporated biological action and aeration for cleaning and purifying water.


The water reclaim systems are very eco-friendly and also easy to keep up. They are fast and efficient and also not very complicated. The biggest advantage about water reclaim system is, they do not use any chemical or does not incorporate an ozone generator for purification of the water. This also lowers the maintenance cost and makes it easy to maintain.

Maintaining the Pipes

The pipes connected to the water reclaim system might have organic compounds deposited on their inner surface. These organic compounds hinder the performance of the water reclaim system and pollute the water that it gives out. For cleaning the pipes you must backwash them with cold water. Also remove the aerator before flushing the pipe lines otherwise if anything is dislodged it will accumulate on the screen. Clean the aerators and then install it.

Not Used for a Long Time

If the water reclaim system is not used for more than a week, you must backwash it for 3 to 5 minutes with clean water and then use the water reclaim system for purifying used water. If not used for long, the system can have residues of different compounds and these residues will mix with the clean water. Thus the water becomes impure and it becomes useless. Backwashing the system helps to remove these residues and keep the water reclaim system clean on the inside.


Many water reclaim systems have a pre-filter attached with them. The pre-filters must be cleaned and maintained once in every quarter year. If not maintained properly the water might have a foul smell. The pre-filter should be replaced in every 1 to 2 year depending on the specification and type of the pre-filter. Replacing it is very easy and it does not even require any tool or much labor. The pre-filters are not very expensive and these are widely available in any store dealing with water systems.

Internal Filters

The water reclaim system comes with cartridge type filters on the inside. The water from the pre filters reaches these cartridge type filters for purification. These filters must be changed after 5-6 months of usage. In some systems, depending on the filter type, it needs to be replaced after 2 to 3 months. Changing these filters is not a difficult task at all. It can be done in few minutes and requires just few basic tools. You need to unscrew the filter housing and remove the old filter. Once the old filter is removed put the new filter in its place and close the filter housing.

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