Water Softener Salt: Add It Yourself

Water softener salt needs to be added to your water softener regularly. The salt is what leaches the metals from the water to make it soft.

Read the instruction manual that came with your softener to get specific details about your particular softener model. As well as technical details the manual will give you some pointers on getting the best results from the softener.

Here are some things you should do.       

  • So that the water softener will work at a more standard rate try to keep the salt level at half full. Remember that the more water you use the more often you will need to add salt.
  • Check the salt level every 30 days at least.
  • Clean the brine tank before you add the salt
  • If there are any accumulations break these up before adding new salt. Maintaining the salt level at half should prevent this from happening.

Like so many things, a water softener will give good service but perform at its best when it is cared for. The salt is probably the most important part of your water softener so it pays to check it regularly.