Water Stain Water Stain

A water stain can appear on your ceiling or walls if you have a leak. Once they have dried they look like yellow stains and they can be very large, or very small. If you have a water stain you will have to fix the source of the problem by fixing the roofing or plumbing before the wall can be fixed, although there are a few quick fixes to make the water stain go away for a little while.

• Rub straight bleach on a small stain with a sponge.
• Cover up a small stain with paint that matches your walls or ceiling.
• Rub chalk onto a light stain to make it disappear.
• If the stain is on the wall you can use a piece of furniture or picture to hide it.

Fixing a Large Water Stain

After the water stain has been around for awhile it will grow larger or darker. The best thing you can do is to fix what is causing the water stain and repaint the wall with stain-blocking paint. It may take a few coats to cover up a large or dark stain, and you may have to repaint the wall or ceiling so that the paint looks even.

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