Water Stain Removal from Wood

What You'll Need
Dry Cloth
Absorbent Towel
Baking Soda
Non-gelatinous White Paste
Furniture Polish
Hot Iron
Linen Dish Towel

There are water stain removal techniques that you can follow to remove water stains from your authentic hardwood floor or any wooden furniture. Wood is a versatile material that is ideally used in various construction areas. It is also a major component used in making home and office furniture. Despite of its elegance and usefulness, wood is vulnerable to water stains. When removing stains on authentic hardwood floors or expensive wooden furniture great care should be observed as wood is vulnerable to heat and other strong chemicals. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to remove water stains from wood.

Step 1-Wipe Away the Water Immediately

If you have fresh water stain on your wooden desk or hardwood floor, wipe away the water spots immediately to prevent the water from soaking into the wood and in effect creating a water stain. You can use a dry cloth or an absorbent towel to wipe away the water. After wiping the water away, put a paper towel on top of the affected area for a few hours to absorb the remaining moisture.

Step 2-Use Mayonnaise

To remove stubborn water stains on wood you can also use mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is a common household ingredient that can effectively and safely remove water stain from your wood floor or furniture. Spoon ample amounts of mayonnaise and transfer the mayonnaise into a paper towel. Run the mayonnaise on the water stain and allow the mayonnaise to do its work overnight. Wipe away the mayonnaise with a paper towel the morning after. You can also add ashes on the mayonnaise to increase its effectiveness in removing the stain.

Step 3-Use Baking Soda and White Paste

To remove water stain from a highly polished hardwood floor or wooden furniture, concoct a mixture of non-gelatinous white paste and baking soda. Two spoonfuls of baking soda and two spoonfuls of white paste will do the trick. Make sure to mix the two ingredients thoroughly. With a clean cloth, apply the mixture on your hardwood floor or wooden furniture to remove the water stain. Once the water stain is gone, wipe away the mixture and apply furniture polish.

Step 4-Give the Water Stain a Warm Treatment

You can also give the water stain a warm treatment to remove it off your hardwood floor or wooden furniture. Place a linen dish towel over the water stained area. Carefully place on top of the linen dish towel a hot iron for twenty seconds. Repeat this method until you can see no more signs of water stain on your hardwood floor or wooden furniture. When you place the hot iron into the linen dish towel, make sure that it is in its medium setting to avoid burning your linen dish towel and damaging your hardwood floor or wooden furniture even more.