Water Table

If you are looking to bury a time capsule or a treasure it’s best to bury it above the water table. The water table is located different everywhere you go so it’s important to research how far in the ground the water table is during the winter season or rainy season. The reason you want to look up where it is during the winter or rainy season is because the water table usually is the highest during those months.

How to Bury a Time Capsule or Treasure and Avoid the Water Table

After you have successful researched how deep the water table is in the ground the rest of it should be easy.

• Choosing the Location – This is the most important part because you need to find a remote location in which the water table is rather deep so your treasure isn’t susceptible to water damage.
• Digging – When you are digging make sure that you stop before the water table.
• Case – Make sure your valuables are in a waterproof case just in case water does manage to get to it.
• Refill the Hole – Remember to pack the soil as you fill the hole.
• Landmark – Make sure you landmark the area. This can usually be done best by planting a tree or shrub at a certain distance from your belongings.