Waterless Cookware Set

A waterless cookware set features a fully sealed design and a unique application. Similar to other types of cookware in terms of overall style, size and capacity, waterless cookware is based on a particular theory of cooking. Whereas most people are accustomed to boiling vegetables in water, the idea behind waterless cookware is that all of the moisture contained within certain foods is retained during the cooking process. That way, no additional water must be added, and a higher nutrient content is thereby preserved.


Waterless cookware is available from numerous American manufacturers such as Americraft, Chef's Secret and Classica, among others. Featuring 3-, 5-, 7- and even 9-ply designs, the cookware uses metals of the highest quality. Fully sealed lids trap in moisture. Water comprises upwards of 90 percent of many vegetables, so adding more water only serves to dilute the vitamin and mineral content, making food less healthy. Waterless cookware retains heat well once hot, and thanks to the encapsulated aluminum, there is no leaching after time, ensuring the cookware is always safe to use.

7-Ply Construction

Americraft, for instance, features cookware with 7 metal plies. In order from the exterior surface to the interior, their cookware consists of 19/9 stainless steel, ferritic steel, stainless steel, pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, another layer of pure aluminum and a finish of smooth stainless steel interior ply.

Available in all standard sizes and set configurations, waterless cookware is the right choice for the health-minded.