Water Well Checkups are a Must

What if you never changed your car oil or looked under the hood? How long would your car last?

When it comes to water wells, many well owners pay little attention to maintenance and water quality. Yet, it's just as important. Few things are more vital than the water you and your family drink. A water well checkup by a qualified contractor will help ensure a reliable supply of fresh drinking water.

"If it's important, you schedule it," said Kevin McCray, National Ground Water Association executive director. "That's what we do with dental checkups, pediatric visits, even cars under warranty. Since the water you drink is important, we encourage all well owners to mark a date on the calendar each year to call and schedule a well checkup."

For many well owners, that time could be now. The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) recommends a well maintenance check and water test at least every 12 months. If you haven't done so, now is a good time for a well checkup before a problem occurs, McCray said.

According to NGWA, a well checkup should include:

  • A flow test to determine well output.
  • A water-level check before and during pumping, if possible.
  • A pump motor performance check including amp load, grounding and voltage.
  • A pressure tank and pressure switch contact check.
  • A well equipment inspection to assure it is sanitary and meets local codes.
  • A water test for coliform bacteria, nitrates and anything else of local concern. (Additional tests may be recommended if water appears cloudy or oily, if bacterial growth is visible on fixtures, or if water treatment devices are not working properly.)
  • A clearly written report that explains results and recommendations, and includes all laboratory and other test results.

You can arrange a checkup by contacting a local water well contractor who performs the type of maintenance recommended by NGWA.

"Be a responsible well owner and take good care of your water well. It will preserve your time, money and good health in the long run," McCray said.

Go to the well - A water well checkup once a year is important.

Courtesy of NAPSnet.