Wave Petunia: Different Options to Plant


The wave petunia is the perfect fit for a wide range of landscape styles. Wave petunias can be planted in several different ways, depending on the type of landscaping you are planning to create.

Container Plantings

Planting wave petunias in a traditional container is one good option for a home garden. Wave petunias look best when planted with other flowers, so make sure you purchase some mixed annuals from your local garden center to go along with the petunias.

Easy wave petunias are an excellent choice for container planting because they allow other plants enough room to grow and be visible as well. In addition, they create a beautiful trail as they grow and add a splash of color to your garden.

Hanging Basket

A hanging basket of wave petunias is another option if you want to include petunias in your landscaping plans. Easy Wave, Double Wave, and Shock Wave petunias are all fantastic choices for hanging baskets, as they have bright, vibrant colors, and don't require a large amount of care or maintenance.

When planting wave petunias, particularly in hanging baskets, plant only one color and kind per basket. Wave petunias need full sun, so you should give the hanging baskets a quarter turn every few days to ensure the flowers receive the proper amount of sunlight to stay healthy and full.

It's easy to plant baskets of easy wave and double wave petunias. A round basket of about 18 inches can take 10 plants spaced evenly, with three in the middle and seven around the edge. A smaller basket of about 14 inches will take less — around six plants.

In the Garden

Original wave petunias are excellent groundcovers because they never grow too high, and spread over a large area very easily. They make a wonderful addition to a garden, especially on the edge of a garden bed.

Wave petunias also offer great visual appeal when matched with annuals and perennials of the same color.

Plant one wave petunia for every square foot of landscape design. Original wave petunias work best in large, expansive areas, such as a large square garden or a similarly sized rectangle planting.

To Camouflage

Wave petunias are a beautiful way to cover fences, the ground, or otherwise unattractive areas of your yard. Tidal wave petunias are the best choice for this type of usage because they are quite strong and you can plant them close together to create the look and coverage you want.

When planted close together, about 12 inches apart, you will get tall plants that form hedge-like groupings that can grow up to 3 feet. Spacing over 12 inches will create low lying plants that can grow out to 4 feet. This is ideal for covering slopes and entrances that normally get a lot of sun.