Scented Wax Ornaments Make Attractive Air Fresheners Scented Wax Ornaments Make Attractive Air Fresheners

Candles are warm and inviting, a great way to throw scent into your home. Sometimes, however, you want to add lasting freshness to your air without the worry of a burning flame. For those times, scented wax ornaments are a great alternative. Not only will they freshen your air, but they will add an element of décor as well.

Scented wax ornaments are made from the same materials used for molding candles. Either paraffin or beeswax can be used.

Crafting your ornaments using sheets of beeswax is the simplest method. Beeswax carries a natural light scent that is often easily tolerated even by those with an aversion to heavily scented candles. To find beeswax sheets, shop your local candle crafting supplier, or look online. Beeswax sheets are available in a wide array of colors.

To make wax air fresheners using beeswax sheets, you’ll need only the beeswax, cookie cutters, a hair dryer and ribbon. Lay down butcher or waxed paper to protect your workspace. Avoid newspaper as the print may rub off onto your beeswax. Cut designs from the beeswax sheet using cookie cutters. You may need to gently warm the beeswax (on low setting) to avoid cracking as you cut. After the shapes are cut, make a small hole through the cutout using a skewer, awl, or nail. Do not place the hole too near the edge of the cutout because you may break the cutout when you try to string it onto the ribbon. For a thicker ornament, stack two cutouts together. After you have prepared your cutout, string them onto ribbons to hang.

Beeswax is available in blocks and beads as well. To make ornaments from blocks or beads of beeswax, follow these directions for creating air fresheners from paraffin wax:

  1. Melt the wax according to the directions for candle making.
  2. Add your choice of color and scent as directed.
  3. Poor the melted wax into a cookie sheet, to a depth of approximately ¼ of an inch. (Please note, the scent and additives in the wax can permeate the cookie sheet, so it should not be used for food preparation after craft use.)
  4. Let the wax cool, but not set completely.
  5. When the wax is set all the way through, but still soft, cut all the way through using cookie cutters.
  6. Poke a hole through the design for stringing; again, avoid cutting too near the edge.
  7. Make one hole for the ribbon or two…anyway you like it. With the help of a spatula, remove the excess wax (this can be saved and melted again for subsequent projects).
  8. Let the cutouts continue to set, and remove with a spatula when they are firm.
  9. After the cutout pieces are completely hardened, string them onto ribbons. (Note: this method is the same used for making stacked candles. Simply stack the cutouts onto pretabbed candle wicks, instead.)

Raffia, hemp, plaid ribbon, and thin fabric strips cut into ribbons are just a few of the options available to you for stringing and hanging the wax cutouts to make your scented wax ornaments. Be creative and design your room fresheners any way you like. You can hang multiples of the cutouts at varying lengths, make garlands, match different coordinating cutouts, stack small on top of large or tie just one cutout with a bow.

When your scented wax room fresheners are finished, hang them anywhere you want a decorative and pleasant smelling piece. Warmth from a heat source or from the sun will help the wax to release the scent, so hang ornaments in a warm place for best scent throw.

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