Ways to Finish Pantry Shelving

Pantry shelving needs to be built and maintained with care to provide a good storage area for all your goods. There are a number of ways in which you can finish your pantry shelving. Finishing is intended not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for practical ones, as finishes can greatly help to protect the shelves and improve their resistance to wear and tear.


The easiest way to finish shelves is by painting them. Make sure to choose paint that is suitable for wood and to clean the shelves well beforehand. By spraying the paint, you can provide a neater and more even finish to the shelves.


It is recommended that following the paint's application, you apply a coating of sealant to further protect the paintwork and the shelves.


If you do not wish to paint the shelves, but prefer to leave them in their natural wooden texture, make sure to apply a coating of wood sealant, and wax the surface every now and then. These applications will greatly improve the finish of the shelves, while also protecting them from scratches and other damages.

Precautionary Measures to Protect the Finish of the Shelves

It is important that you check your pantry shelves from time to time for any damages or areas which require repairs. Any cracks should be filled in with wood putty before they become too large. Any rough edges should be sanded. If any paint is peeling away, it is best to tend to it as soon as you are aware of it.