Ways to Integrate a Curved Staircase

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A curved staircase is a thing of great workmanship, which gives a room tremendous appeal and character. In many instances, the curved staircase is the focal point of the room and serves as a great meeting and congregating area. Curved staircases can come in many different forms and styles. Because of this, there are some problems with integrating a curved staircase into a home that you are remodeling. Here are a few ways that you can use to successfully and seamlessly integrate a curved staircase into your home.

Spiral Staircase in Corner

Many modern homes have a great-looking spiral staircase situated in the kitchen or dining area of their home. This type of curved staircase is easily integrated into the home by the materials, color, and placement. A metal curved staircase for the kitchen area will integrate well. Painting the curved staircase the same color or one that matches will also give the staircase a seamless look. Positioning it in a corner along a wall is another way to transition from room to staircase.

Grand Curving Entry Staircase

One of the great additions to any great room is a curved staircase that leads to an open loft on the second floor. This is usually in the form of a majestic stairway that has a wide opening on the bottom floor, which curves and narrows as it continues to the second floor. This type of integration works nicely if it is in the center and in front of a foyer or entryway. This way it does not take up much usable floor space and gives the home a lot of regal character. Typically, this type of curved staircase is built out of wood.

Curved System Along Wall

Many homeowners elect to have a simple 'L' shaped landing, followed by a few stairs, to transition from staircase to floor. This staircase is located along a wall and usually out of the way of any foot traffic. However, changing the 'L' shaped landing into a curved staircase is a great way to integrate this style into your home. The construction would not be much different, but you would have to have a wider opening to ease the angle of the curve. Many times you can make the change easily with the stairs that are already in position.

Exterior Curved Staircase

If your home does not have enough room for a curved staircase on the interior, then you can always move it to the exterior. Many front entrances are located at the top of a deck or stepped landscape. A curved staircase leading from a walkway, or a driveway, onto a wooden deck would add a lot of value and curb appeal. A combination of metal spindles, wooden plank stairs, and open risers is a great way to integrate a curved staircase into your home.

Small Split Level Curve

Going from one room to another on the same floor can be done through the use of a small curved staircase. While this type of staircase may only consist of a few steps, the curved design will cause a break between the rooms and give an appearance of a larger home.