Ways to Make a Double Carport Using Found Materials Ways to Make a Double Carport Using Found Materials

A double carport can provide you with a great place to park your car and keep it safe from the elements. Even though having a double carport may be desirable, you might not have the money to purchase the materials for one. However, if you can build the carport out of found materials, you could potentially have a nice carport that you can build for next-to-nothing. Consider the following as you plan to make your own double carport out of found materials. 

Sheet Metal

If you can find sheet metal, this would be ideal for making a double carport. Construction or demolition sites often have sheet metal that they will throw away because they do not need it. If you can get a big piece or a few smaller pieces, you could potentially fashion that into a roof for a double carport. At that point, you will only need to find some posts that you can use as the support for the roof. You can stick the sheet metal up above the posts, and you will have a nice place to park your car. You might check with scrap yards to see if they have any extra sheet metal you can have at a discount cost or even for fre. 


You can also find old plywood lying around around abandoned or torn down buildings. A few pieces of plywood will make a good roof and support columns. You will need to have some type of wood to act as the frame for the roof, and then simply nail the plywood into the frame.

Keep in mind that you must use some kind of protective paint on the plywood. If you just leave the plywood out in the elements without covering it with something, it will most likely break down quickly. Try to find a waterproof paint to cover the plywood after you have built the double carport.

Polyester and Polyethylene

Polyester and polyethylene are synthetic materials that are commonly used in the construction of carports and other household objects, like plastic bottles. It is very sturdy and it can keep the elements off of the top of your car. When you find a scrap piece of this laying around, you will be able to hoist it up above columns for the carport and make a structure that will work as a double carport. You will notice that this is not quite as strong as sheet metal or wood. It is a little more flexible. Therefore, you need to make sure that you adhere it to the structure of the carport well so that it does not fall down. 

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