Ways to Make Old Vanity Sinks New Again

After many years of use, vanity sinks may become stained and scratched. Your vanity sink may be of a color that was once fashionable but you can no longer endure. Perhaps the cabinetry and hardware could be updated or replaced. Here are several ideas to make your old vanity sink look new again.

Refinish Your Vanity Sink

Use any of the latest developments in acrylic coatings to refinish your sink and restore its smooth, shiny finish. These coatings cover color effectively, so you can turn that butter-yellow, avocado green or aqua sink into a pristine white sink to match your other fixtures. Clean and strip off all removable dirt, soap, oils and stains. Sand the sink surface lightly with fine-grit sandpaper, then apply the bonding agent that comes with the refinishing kit. Once the bonding agent has dried to a smooth finish, apply four layers of the acrylic topcoat. After 24 hours, use the buffing pad to polish the surface of the sink. This process removes tiny ridges that will trap dirt and soap, dulling the surface again.

Update the Water Pipes

If your bathroom vanity sink still has metal water intake pipes to the taps, these could be contributing to calcium and rust stains on your sink. Replace all the bathroom pipes with PVC piping, which does not corrode and clog from hard water and will not create rust stains.

Change the Taps and Faucets

Upgrade your outdated octagon taps and faucets with a new single-handle water-mixing faucet set. Choose brushed chrome, brushed copper or ceramic with an acrylic crystal-cut handle. If you seek a more historic look for your bathroom, install a dark bronze-finished faucet with taps in the classic four-pointed cross shape.

Change the Doors and Countertop

Once you have refinished your sink, your countertop and vanity stand may now look dull and outdated. Refresh the countertop and backsplash with new ceramic or marble tiles. Replace the counter with a 1-piece top in granite, marble, or an easy-care composite. Get into the habit of putting away everything off the counter after use. You can revive the vanity stand with a fresh coat of paint on the vanity doors and drawers. Or, for a major change, replace the stand with a custom-made Queen Anne cabinet in dark wood with cabriole legs, or a light and airy base made of bamboo with wicker panels.

Update Your Bathroom Mirror and Lighting

Seeing your old vanity sink and cabinet in new light may make you appreciate them more. Change an overhead light to wall lights mounted over the sink on either side of a larger mirror. You can choose from a vast array of frosted glass sconces, square, torch or globe lamps.

Make the Most of Double Vanity Sinks

Install separate narrow mirrors over each vanity sink, and add a new countertop of easy-care granite so each sink user can keep their sink area gleaming. Be sure each sink has well-balanced lighting that does not cast shadows on faces. Install new towel rings and racks close to each sink for drying convenience, and to reduce water drips on the countertop and floor.