Ways to Make Old Vessel sinks Look New Again

Using old vessel sinks to spruce up the remodel of your bathroom is a great idea. There are many different types of vessel sinks, ranging from concrete to glass.

Vessel sinks are basins that are installed on top of vanities to use as a washing-up station. They have become very popular in many homes bathrooms today, and it is a very creative and fairly simple thing to refinish one that you already have.

Below are some ways that you can make your old vessel sink look new again.

Sand and Gel It

One of the first things you will want to do with your vessel sink is to sand it down. Use a palm sander with a fine grit sand paper to remove the existing finish.

Using a sander will not only take the previous finish off, but will also make the surface rough, so that the finish coating will adhere better than on a smooth surface.

After you have successfully removed the previous finish and roughed up the surface a bit, you can apply some gel coating. The gel coating comes in many different colors, so you can choose just about any look you want. You may want to apply more than one coat depending on how it looks to you.


Glass vessel sinks are beautiful, and they give you a chance to create something amazing. Glass vessel sinks are a bit expensive, so using your old vessel sink for this one gets you a step ahead in the budget department.

There are a wide variety of colors and texture paints available out there for your purchase. You can choose any color you wish, as well as a certain type of texture.

Use glass paints to make your glass vessel sink into a masterpiece. You could choose to paint a scene on your sink, or just paint it in one color.

A popular idea for glass vessel sinks is to marble paint your sink. This can be done by purchasing a multiple of colors, and applying these colors in a marble-like pattern. This creates a very modern-looking vessel sink.

Add a New Faucet

Another very simple way to make your old vessel sink seem new again is to add a modern faucet to it. After you have refinished your sink basin itself, and installed it, adding a new faucet will make it pop even more.

There are so many different styles available to purchase in regards to bathroom faucets. There are traditional faucets with your basic hot and cold round handles, and a simple short spout. However, there are also faucets that are copper or clear that would look amazing with your new traditional vessel sink that you have just redone.

You can do some research, look at some ideas, and then start working on your masterpiece. There are really endless possibilities when it comes to refinishing your vessel sink. Think about what you want, and what you wish to bring to your room, and go from there.