Ways to Make Your Old Tile Shower Pan Look New Again

A tile shower pan can start to look very old and grubby after years of use. No matter how clean you keep it, stains will sink in and start to make it look off colored and tired. Making your tile shower pan look new again is a tough task if it has been installed for years but there are ways you can recover some of its previous attractiveness.


One idea that is extremely cost effective and quick is to redo the grout on the tiles. Dig the grout out using a proper grout removal tool and lay new grout into the cracks of the tiles. It will rejuvenate the appearance of the entire shower pan and make it look newly installed.

Grout Paint

If you are not keen on sitting in the shower cubicle and digging out rotten grout you can opt for waterproof grout paint. Grout pens come in various colors and you simply apply it by drawing into the grout lines. The new white colored paint (of whichever color you opt for) will give it a nice neat facelift.

Tile Paint

Tile paint is designed to cover the entire tile surface area. Painting tiles can be very quick, very simple and very cheap. Tile paint comes in many colors so choose a nice refreshing and contemporary color to restyle your old worn down shower pan.