Ways to Manage a Broken Sewer Line

A broken sewer line is something that remains unnoticed until it becomes a big problem. A broken sewer line causes lots of potential health hazards and odor problems. The best way to manage a broken sewer line is to treat the problem as early as possible. Better yet, make sure to prevent the problem before it happens.

One of the biggest causes of this dilemma is a growing tree near the sewer. As the tree grows, so does its roots. And the roots may break the sewer line as they expand.

Finding Where the Sewer Line Broke

A broken sewer line causes a lot of problems like drain clogging and stinky air. It is important to find the source of the clog and the stink immediately, before it becomes worse. The location of the damage may be easy to spot because it causes water to seep out of the ground and causes unimaginable stench.

Investigate the damage and see whether it can be dealt with easily without a professional. Sometimes, it may require some elbow grease to reveal the actual site of the damage. If the site needs to be dug, it is best to make use of shovels rather than automatic digging machines and equipment because heavy machinery may cause more damage than good.

If the sewer line broke at some point just outside the homeowner’s property, it is best to call for expert help from the city planner’s office. Since the site is already public property, it is not the responsibility of the homeowner, but the city itself.

Cleaning the Sewer

Once the damaged portion of the sewer line is revealed, perhaps a little cleaning may fix the problem or at least provide a way for wastewater to drain down the sewer line. Sometimes, a broken sewer line may only require removing the debris that got stuck inside the sewer line. One way to clean the sewer line is to use a plumber’s snake. This tool can snake through the drain pipes to solid debris stuck inside the pipes. It may also require using the hands. When using the hands, be sure to use rubber gloves.

Fixing the Broken Sewer Line

Before putting broken pipes back together, make sure that all debris clogging the line is cleaned. Fixing the breakage can be done in different ways depending on the material used as sewer line material. If the line is made out of PVC or metal pipes, then the damage can be repaired by simply sealing the pipes back together using epoxy and other pipe sealants. If the sewer line is made of concrete, then mortar should be used to seal the line back together.

Replace Broken Sewer Lines

The last option is to replace the sewer line pipes if they are irreparable. When these pipes rot or get damaged, hire professionals to replace the pipe. Replacing the pipe and ensuring that the sewer line is not clogged will definitely be beneficial for everyone. Make sure that the professionals who replace the pipes are authentic contractors.