Ways to Nourish Your Staghorn Fern Ways to Nourish Your Staghorn Fern

The staghorn fern is given this name because its leaves look somewhat like a stag’s antlers. You must keep in mind that the staghorn fern grows very slowly, thus you need to be patient in taking care of it and nourishing it. This plant grows naturally in a dirt-free environment, that is on cliffs, trees and rocks.

People today have the staghorn fern growing in their gardens even though it grows mainly in the wild. The key to taking care of the staghorn fern is imitating its natural habitat, that is why you often see it growing on a wooden board.

1 – Planting the Staghorn Fern

In order to survive in the household environment, the staghorn fern needs to be planted in a soil mixture consisting of coarse peat moss and sphagnum moss. Use some string to bind the staghorn fern’s roots to a piece of bark. This will help in encouraging the plant to grow naturally as if in its natural habitat.

2 – Exposing the Plant to Light

The staghorn fern requires a lot of light to grow, therefore you need to make sure that it is located somewhere well-lit, so that it can get all the light that it needs. However, do not expose the plant to direct sunlight because you might risk burning the plant.

If you have a staghorn fern at home, make sure that it is exposed to filtered sunlight. Place the plant near a window, at a distance of approximately five feet. Cover the window with a curtain of transparent material in order to filter the sunlight and protect the plant from direct sunlight.

You can decide to hang your staghorn fern from the ceiling or from a wall. If you decide to hang the plant to a wall, make sure that the window opposite the plant is facing either the east or south direction. On the other hand, if you hang the staghorn fern from the ceiling, it will enhance the beauty of the room’s appearance.

3 – Watering your Staghorn Fern

Make sure that you provide your staghorn fern with enough water. You need to water it regularly but you also need to be careful not to give it too much water. Pour the water in the middle of the plant. In order to check whether the plant is thirsty or not, check the middle of the staghorn fern and water it again if you see that it is moist. Make sure that you water your staghorn fern properly once or twice every week.

There is another way of watering your staghorn fern: submerge the piece of bark and the roots of the plant in a pail of water. Leave the plant’s roots underwater for about a quarter of an hour in summer, spring and fall. On the other hand, in winter you must leave the plant’s roots underwater for only a couple of minutes.

4 – Adjusting the Temperature

Apart from water and light, the staghorn fern requires warmth as well. Make sure that the plant is in a place where the temperature does not drop under 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember that the higher the temperature the better. The staghorn fern needs a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit and above in order to grow properly.

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