Ways to Prevent a Sink Leak Ways to Prevent a Sink Leak

A sink leak can be inconvenient at the least and a water-logged crisis at its worst. Preventing a sink leak is the best way to insure that you don’t end up with a crisis.


If the housing is cracked or fractured then the faucet may fail. This problem requires that you replace the whole faucet assembly.


Gaskets or o-rings that have deteriorated or hardened cause the majority of sink leaks. Replacing these o-rings is easy to do. While examining the o-rings look for any buildup in the pipes or signs of corrosion. Take out the old 0-rings and clean the seatings with steel wool. If there is any build up then use vinegar to break it up. When you are replacing o-rings you will need to get the right replacements. If you take them to the hardware store with you so that you can match them up. Installing the wrong size can cause a leak.

Valve Seats

Valve seats that are corroded or have build-up will not seat properly and water can leak past the gasket. There are two ways to solve this issue. The tap can be reground or it can be replaced. Grind down the tap seat using a tap grinding tool. Then you can replace the gasket and the tap. To replace the valve seat remove the old gasket and the spindle. Put the new valve seat over the old one. Put the spindle back on, and the gasket. Either of these solutions should solve a valve seat problem and prevent any leaks.


Threaded connections should be wrapped with plumber’s tape. This will seal the threads and prevent leaks from the threads.


Examine the joints between the pipes. Tighten any connections. You can remove the whole trap if the leak seems to be coming from the trap. Check all of the pipes for any rust or cracks. If needed replace the entire pipe with a PVC pipe that won’t corrode. Replace the sink trap at the same time since it is an inexpensive part.

Sink Cradle

When installing a sink, especially one in a stone countertop, a cradle is recommended. A cradle is strapping that holds the bowl in place. It will help to prevent water from leaking through the joints between the sink and the countertop.


As with most home repair problems the proper installation of the sink and faucet will reduce the chance of developing leaks in the future. Caulk should be applied to the sink rim, faucet base and sink drain to prevent leaks. Also if you over-tighten thread connections they can leak so they should be secured but not turned past that point.

Installing a sink the right way and sealing the joints will prevent most leaks. If the sink has been in the house for a long time then checking some basic parts and replacing them as necessary will keep the sink in good working order and free of leaks.

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