Ways to Reuse a T Shirt

Knowing some good methods to reuse an old t-shirt can save you money. T-shirts don't have to be tossed just because they have a little wear or a stain. Even a torn t-shirt can find a new life. Here are a few simple things you can do to help keep your old t-shirts out of the landfill, and in use for longer.


If an old t-shirt has a stain but is otherwise in good shape, consider giving it a makeover. You can purchase a tie-dye kit at any craft store. They generally cost less than $10, and can be used several times. This is an easy way to give your old, stained t-shirt a new life!

Dust Cloths

Because t-shirts are usually made of all cotton or a cotton blend, they make great cleaning cloths. If you have an old shirt that has become worn or tattered with time, you can transform into a dusting or polishing cloth. Just take a pair of scissors and cut the shirt in to several 6x6-inch squares. These can now be used to dry dishes, dust furniture or polish silverware.