Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping is the method of sealing the minute openings in the doors, windows, and other similar structures in a building from the harsh weather conditions. Weatherstripping can stop inhospitable elements such as rain or a cold wind from entering your home and creating inhospitable conditions for your family. Weatherstripping is also mandatory as per the building code in all exterior facing doors and windows.

How Does Weather Stripping Work?

Weatherstripping seals the tiny cracks in the doors and windows using material such as foam or rubber-based compounds to create an airtight enclosure. In areas with hotter weather conditions, weatherstripping is done by using materials made out of silicone composites. These composite materials have good expansion and contraction capabilities and do not crack or congeal when subjected to high temperatures.

You can get ready-made weather-stripped doors, but it would be a lot cheaper to do the weather stripping yourself. The materials required for weather-stripping are easily available in hardware stores and the job itself can be done easily once you get the hang of it.