Weatherizing 2 - Preparation Weatherizing 2 - Preparation

What You Will Need

Time - The amount of time needed to properly weatherstrip your home will depend on the extent of work needed to be done. Most door and window caulking and weatherstripping applications can be accomplished in one weekend.

Permits and Codes

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Most weatherizing tasks are simple enough not to require permits. However, I suggest you check with your local building inspector for a copy of the local building code and any permit requirements. If you are a frequent do-it-yourselfer, you will find it beneficial to keep a copy on hand for all your projects.

Tip: Never caulk the small openings in storm windows. They are there to allow moisture to escape and not condense on the glass.

Most Common Mistakes

  1. Neglecting to do a thorough energy audit of your home.
  2. Neglecting to insulate property in conjunction with weatherization.
  3. Applying caulk, sealants, and weatherstripping in temperatures too cold for the material being used.
  4. Not providing for adequate ventilation and air circulation when mailing your home weather fight
  5. Sealing off the room that houses the thermostat control.
  6. Neglecting to save receipts for materials and labor used in making your house more energy efficient. These come in handy for state and federal tax credits.

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