Weatherizing Outdoor Furniture for Lasting Durability

Weatherizing your outdoor furniture is a great way to ensure long lasting protection. Outdoor furniture can be made out of a variety of materials and each type requires specific weatherizing techniques.
Outdoor Furniture Types and Instructions:


For painted wicker, apply two coats of paint every three years. It does not matter if you brush or spray paint on, as long as it is high quality paint. After the coats have dried, apply one coat of a marine varnish.

If you have natural wicker and do not want to paint it, you can just mist it with water once every three weeks. This is to prevent the wicker from becoming dry and brittle.  You can do this by spraying water from a water bottle while standing 3 feet away. You will also want clean the wicker with a damp cloth, removing any dust or dirt.


Wooden outdoor furniture can be spared from the elements by coating it with an exterior varnish or water repellent paint. If the furniture is painted, you can apply a couple of coats of an outdoor paint. This will have to be done every two years.


Apply a spray or rub wax to metal outdoor furniture. A waxing product will need to be applied around three to four times a year, but does a great job to prevent rusting.


Simply apply a fabric protector to cushions. Make sure to get the whole cushion and around the edges. This also requires application three to four times a year.