Weatherproofing a Fiberglass Deck

Fiberglass decks are strong, durable and water resistant. These qualities make it a great choice to build boat decks. Today almost 90% boats all over the world are made out of fiberglass. The great advantage of using fiberglass lies in the fact that this material requires very little maintenance and can last for many years at a stretch. Fiberglass is strong and durable, which makes it a great material to build the deck of an oat. Since it can withstand all kind of weather conditions, it can be safely used for outdoor purposes.

However, it will be wrong to claim that fiber glass decks don’t require any kind of maintenance. Any material when used for a long period of time and is subjected to the forces of nature is bound to suffer from some kind of damages and fiberglass decks are no exception.

Protection from Sun and Sea Water

In order to elongate the overall life span of a fiberglass deck, it should be protected from the harmful effects of the sun and sea water that contains salt. Both these substances can corrode the fiber glass material in a big way. In order to protect a fiber glass deck from the harmful effects of salt water and sun rays, it should be coated with a gel coat. This gel coat is washable and be removed on a later date by using approved cleaning products.

Painting the Surface with Acrylic Paint

Another, alternative way to protect the fiberglass deck is to paint it with acrylic paint. Acrylic paint helps to increase the shelf life of outdoor fibreglasses by many years. However before applying paint, care should be taken to ensure that the glass surface is properly cleaned and free from dust particles, which can prevent the paint from sticking to the surface firmly.

Protection from Stains

Fiber glass decks are prone to stains marks. If these stain marks are left unattained for a long period of time, it can lead to permanent staining. These stain marks can be cleaned using a solution of muriatic acid. This solution of muriatic acid should be used to clean the deck for three four times during the year to ensure optimum benefit.

Protection during Off Season

Last but not the least a fiber glass deck needs to be protected during the off season too. Since fiber glasses are prone to scratching marks and stains, it should be covered with plastic or some other material to ensure that it is protected from the harmful effects of the weather, when it is not in use. 

Fiber glasses have a great thermal insulation property and can keep the boat warm by trapping the heat of the sunlight within it. Compared to all other materials fiber glasses require, least amount of maintenance. Given the unique property of fiber glass it is never going to rust like iron, nor is it likely to change its shape under extreme weather conditions like wood or plastic. Fiber glass is easy to install and is more environmental friendly than any other traditional materials used for building a boat. All these factors makes fiber glass a great material for building boats and ensuring that your customers receive complete satisfaction along with a great value for money.